What are the main types of cosmetic packaging?

Cosmetic packaging can take many forms, depending on the product, whether it’s lotion, powder or liquid. The most common types of cosmetic packaging include:

1. Cosmetic hose  

Tubes are ideal for products that are usually thicker, such as shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste.   

They can be made of plastic or metal, and aluminum is easy to recycle and widely used.  

 2: Bottle   

Bottles are also widely used in cosmetics because they come in different shapes, sizes and materials to fit a range of products including moisturizers, cleaners and toners. 

Plastic bottles are often used because they are lightweight, but can also be made of glass as well as other materials such as bamboo or porcelain.  

3: The jar  

Jars are commonly used in creams, gels and cosmetics such as face masks and lip balms.   

Usually made of glass or plastic (such as PET), jars can come in a variety of sizes to hold different amounts of product as needed. 

4. Sachet/Pouch

Bags contain the same variety of products as those originally packaged in bottles or cans, but they offer a more sustainable alternative because they are lighter and easier to transport than glass containers, saving on fuel costs in transit.

Sacking also allows consumers to allocate only what they need, without having to open the whole bottle at once when there might not be enough inside (i.e. you), thus reducing plastic waste.

After opening a bag into another container instead of throwing away any amount remaining after use, this will save time later if someone else happens to find some old container full of leftover liquid no longer works.

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