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The advantage and function of cosmetic glass bottle

Cosmetic glass bottle is an important part of cosmetic packaging, cosmetic sales, in addition to its product efficacy, the appearance of the design can attract the attention of consumers is also crucial.  However, many cosmetics brands know little about packaging materials when choosing product packaging. How to make their products catch customers’ eyes is undoubtedly necessary to choose the right packaging materials and design. 

First, the advantages of cosmetic glass bottles  

In cosmetic packaging materials, glass bottles are more and more recognized by the market because of its characteristics.  This is mainly due to the following advantages of using glass bottles:  

1, the glass material is lead-free, harmless, good barrier performance, can well prevent all kinds of gas to the bottle object oxidation erosion, and can effectively prevent the volatile components of the object volatile.  

2, glass bottles can be recycled for many times, reduce the cost of packaging, but also conducive to environmental protection.  

3. The glass texture is transparent, and the material inside is clearly visible. The “appearance level + effect” delivers a feeling of high quality to consumers.  

4, the glass bottle is safe and sanitary, no poison, has good corrosion resistance and acid resistance, has a special packaging advantage for the cosmetic industry. 

Two, the use of makeup glass bottles in cosmetics (cream bottle, essence, toner, fine oil bottle)  

Glass bottles use in cosmetics are mainly divided into: skin care products (cream, lotion), foundation, perfume, essential oil, nail polish several categories, the capacity of more than 200ml is rarely used in cosmetics.  

Glass bottles are divided into wide mouth bottles, narrow mouth bottles.  

Solid paste is generally used wide mouth bottle, should be equipped with electrochemical aluminum lid or plastic lid, bottle cap can be used for color spray effect, such as cream bottle, mask bottle and other commonly used wide mouth bottle;  

The emulsion or water paste is generally used in a narrow-mouth bottle, and it is appropriate to use the pump head. If the cap is matched, the inner plug should be added to prevent leakage. The water agent should be matched with the small hole inner plug, and the thicker emulsion should be matched with the large hole inner plug.  

Refined oil bottles are usually made with a tawny or colored scrub, which can avoid light. The lid comes with a safety ring and can be equipped with an inner plug or dropper. Perfume bottles are usually equipped with a delicate spray pump head or plastic lid. 

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