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Transparent Clear Euro Shape Glass Dropper Bottle

Product ID                                      DB2-50
Sealing Type                                   Screw Cap Dropper
Material                                           Glass
Capacity                                           50ml
Color                                                 Transparent with custom silkscreen printing
Shape                                                Euro Shape
Customization                                 Logo/Printing/Dropper Color
Diameter                                          42mm
Total Height                                    107mm
MOQ                                                  500pcs with Logo & Printing

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Product Overview

The Transparent Clear Euro Shape Glass Dropper Bottle is a sleek and versatile packaging solution for various liquid products, such as serums, essential oils, and other skincare formulations. With its transparent and clear design, this bottle allows for easy visibility of the contents, adding a modern and professional touch to your product line. The Euro shape design offers a stylish and ergonomic grip, while the included dropper ensures precise and controlled dispensing.

Product Features

  1. Clear and Transparent Design: The Transparent Clear Euro Shape Glass Dropper Bottle is made from high-quality clear glass, allowing for complete visibility of the product inside. This transparency not only showcases the color and texture of your liquid formulations but also gives your packaging a clean and modern aesthetic.
  2. Euro Shape Design: The bottle features a Euro shape design, characterized by its sleek and slender profile. This design not only adds a touch of sophistication but also provides an ergonomic grip, making it comfortable to hold and use.
  3. Dropper Dispenser: The included dropper dispenser provides precise and controlled dispensing of the liquid product. This allows users to easily measure and apply the desired amount of product, preventing wastage and ensuring accurate application.
  4. Versatile Capacity Options: The Transparent Clear Euro Shape Glass Dropper Bottle comes in various capacity options, allowing you to choose the size that best suits your product requirements. Whether you need a smaller size for travel or a larger size for regular use, there is an option available to meet your needs.
  5. Secure Screw Cap Closure: The bottle is equipped with a screw cap closure that provides a secure and airtight seal. This ensures that your liquid products remain fresh and free from contamination. The screw cap also helps to prevent leakage during storage or travel, providing peace of mind.
  6. Premium Glass Construction: The bottle is made from high-quality glass, ensuring the protection and preservation of your liquid formulations. Glass is a non-reactive material that helps maintain the integrity and potency of the product, making it an ideal choice for sensitive and high-value formulations.
  7. Customizable and Branding-Friendly: The smooth and clear surface of the glass bottle provides ample space for customization and branding. You can easily add labels, logos, or decorative elements to create a unique and personalized packaging design that aligns with your brand identity.
  8. Wide Range of Applications: The Transparent Clear Euro Shape Glass Dropper Bottle is suitable for a wide range of liquid products, including serums, facial oils, essential oils, tinctures, and more. Its versatility makes it a popular choice for skincare brands, beauty enthusiasts, and aromatherapy practitioners.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

For customized bottles, we encourage you to send us an inquiry for more information. Our team will gladly provide you with detailed specifications, pricing, and minimum order quantities tailored to your specific requirements.

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