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PET Lotion Pump Flat Should Bottle

Product ID           LPB005
Sealing Type        Lotion Pump
Material                PET+PP
Capacity                120ml/more to find out
Color                      Black/Red/Blue/Green/Amber/Clear/White
Shape                      Cylinder Round Shape
Customization      Color/Pump Type/Printing/Logo
Diameter                38mm
Total Height          154mm

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Product Overview

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) belongs to the polyester family and has high clarity, good chemical resistance, high impact resistance and moderate rigidity. PET is also lightweight which is a popular choice in cosmetic industry.


  • Multiple types of dispenser pump available
  • Multiple colors of PET bottles available
  • Soild & clear colors available to choose
  • Each product is packaged with OPP bag for protection


SkinCare products: Serum, Lotion, Cream, Facial Cleanser…


For bottles in stock, the MOQ is 500 pcs.

For customized bottles, please sent us an inquiry for more information.

Send your Inquiry for needs 






Cap Color(white/black/transparent)

Bottle Color(clear green/clear blue/clear red/transparent/white/clear amber)

Accept private label & various printing

Please feel free to contact us for free samples & inquiry