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PET Dropper Screw Cap Bottle 10ml

Product ID:      PDB01
Sealing Type:      long nozzle dropper screw cap
Material:           PET+PP
Capacity:             10ml
Shape:                  Round
Color:                   red clear/blue clear/amber clear/green clear/white/clear
Customization:   cap color/bottle color/ printing/logo/capacity
Total Height:                 80mm
Bottle Diameter:            23mm


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Product Overview

ChangSheng PET bottle with PP long nozzle dropper cap.

Long nozzle droppe cap can easily control fluid output

PET plastic is featured by its eco-friendly, substaintial & recyable charateristics

Travel size bottle can easily put in purse

Many in-stock

Custom color & printing available and highly welcomed OEM/ODM.


Eye Drop

Essential Oil

Lubricating oil


Product Customization

Cap Color(white/black/transparent)

Bottle Color(clear green/clear blue/clear red/transparent/white/clear amber)

Please feel free to contact us for free samples & inquiry