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PE Long Nozzle Screw Cap Tube (Endcapping)

Product ID                         TB026
Sealing Type                      Screw Cap
Material                              PE+PP
Capacity                             10ml/15ml/30ml/50ml
Color                                   White/Royal Blue/By Inquiry
Shape                                  Round Shape
Customization                   Cap Type/Color/Printing/Logo

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Product Overview

All polyethylene (PE) tube products are highly welcomed OEM/ODM.Our tubes are moulded based on two oval shape and round shape. Liquids, gels, and creams are typically stored in tubes. Tubes are flexible and squeezable containers that are filled and then pinched shut. PE has good chemical resistance, high impact resistance, and high scratch resistance.


  • Made of PE plastic tube
  • 10ml(0.35 oz) & 15ml (0.5 oz) & 30ml (1 oz) & 50ml (1.7 oz)
  • Polypropylene (PP) screw top dispensing lids
  • Tubes are packaged in thick carton box to prevent damage in transport


For bottles in stock, the MOQ is 500 pcs.

For customized bottles, please sent us an inquiry for more information.

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