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200ml PET Trigger Sprayer Bottle

Product ID                                         PTB002
Sealing Type                                      Trigger Sprayer Pump
Material                                              PET
Capacity                                              200ml (7oz)
Color                                                    Skin Color/Pink/Green/Purple
Shape                                                   Round Shape
Customization                                    Logo/Printing/Color/Capacity
MOQ                                                     By Inquiry

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Product Overview

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is marked with a resin identification code 1. PET belongs to the polyester family and has high clarity, good chemical resistance, high impact resistance and moderate rigidity. PET is also lightweight and is used in products containing essential oils. Avoid using PET containers to store products that contain more than 5% essential oils or more than 15% essential oils. If your oil percentage exceeds these respective levels, consider using glass.


  • Made of PET material which is a clean plastic can be used outdoors for a long time
  • Trigger sprayer can spray fine atomization & even spray


SkinCare Products: Serum, Lotion, Hair Products…

Makeup Products: Mist Spray, Setting Spray, Primer Spray…

Disfection Products: home use disinfection spray….


For bottles in stock, the MOQ is 500 pcs.

For customized bottles, please sent us an inquiry for more information.

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