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150ml PE Flip Cap Cosmetic Tube

Product ID                                        TBB064
Sealing Type                                     Screw Cap/Flip Cap
Material                                             PE
Capacity                                             150ml
Color                                                   By Inquiry
Shape                                                  Round Shape
Customization                                  Color/Printing/Logo
MOQ                                                   By Inquiry

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Product Overview

Tubes are flexible, squeezable containers that are filled through liquid outlet or endcapping and then squeezed tightly. Liquids, gels, and creams are usually stored in tubes. Pentatube consists of five layers. There is an inner layer that comes into contact with your product, an adhesive layer, an insulating layer, another adhesive layer, and an outer layer. These layers keep your produce fresh and keep the tubes free from damage. The closure has a Heat Induction Seal (HIS) gasket that is placed inside the lid. The HIS liner is a metal disc that provides an airtight, tamper-proof hermetic seal when the proper heat induction sealing process is applied. Aluminum seals can be supplied for end capping. PE has medium transparency, good chemical resistance, high impact resistance, scratch resistance and high resistance.


For products in stock, the MOQ is 500 pcs.

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