Glass cosmetic bottle packaging still has irreplaceable advantages

As the two main forms of cosmetic packaging, plastic and glass packaging in the future development?

Generally speaking, the texture of cosmetics is divided into solid granular (powder), liquid and emulsion, paste, such a form makes bottle packaging in cosmetic packaging has been widely used.  At the same time, because cosmetics itself does not have a distinct appearance, so it must be through exquisite and unique packaging design, to reflect its own characteristics. 

As far as the current situation is concerned, plastic packaging bottles have obvious advantages.  It is light and cheap, and can be made into a variety of sizes, transparent or not.  At the same time, the printing performance of plastic bottles is better, you can use heat transfer, inkjet, printing and other processes to print instructions, identification, bar codes directly on the surface of the container.  And in recent years, PET resin has developed rapidly in the application of cosmetic containers, contributing to a great change in replacing glass bottles with plastic. 

However, glass bottle still has irreplaceable advantages in this field, and it is still the preferred packaging material for high-grade cosmetics in the long term, for the following two reasons.

For one thing, glass bottles are superior in texture to plastic bottles.  Elegance is the charm of glass bottles, which can be frosted or transparent;  At the same time, the thickness of glass bottles can also make consumers’ sense of trust double, improve the grade of cosmetics, which is unable to do plastic packaging.  For example, CHANEL, Dior and other high-end perfumes known to the public have been packaged in glass bottles, in order to highlight the style of their products.  To a certain extent, the use of glass bottle packaging is equivalent to high-end grade. 

Second, the glass bottle is better sealed.  For some cosmetics with whitening and skin care effect, they contain a lot of nutrients like food, but they are easy to be oxidized, so their packaging needs to have excellent sealing, blocking the impact of oxygen on these cosmetics.  Glass bottle barrier is strong, no doubt in the protection of contents than plastic bottles have more advantages.  Therefore, glass bottles are still the first choice for high-end cosmetics manufacturers. 

Therefore, in the field of cosmetic packaging, glass bottle packaging still has unique and irreplaceable advantages.

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