Step 1: Conception

Bring your idea and tell us your requirements eg. Product Type, Product Shape, Capacity, Color, Labeling or Printing Technology etc.

Step 2: Communication

We have professional team can assist you to set up all elements you need and we will confirm all the details ensure everything on the right track.

Step 3: Quotation

Some products need new mold building, some products have mold already. Depend on the different customize schemes, a quotation will be written before mold building/Mass production.

Step 4: Sample Provided

After confirmation, The sample will be produced and sent it to you. At this time, customer can propose any suggestion and improvement schemes until you get the one you want.

Step 5: Sign a Contract

A contract will be signed to ensure the trading safety between buyers & suppliers.

Step 6: Mass Production

Products will be produced in our factory. quality strictly controlled during the whole manufacturing process. Logo printing would be executed after products produced

Step 7: Launch your Product

After final inspection under the strict . The product will deliver to your places. It’s our pleasure to cooperate with all our customer and we look forward to hearing you back.