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35 Most Common Recyclable Materials That Can Be Easily Recycled

Recyclable Materials: Meaning?

Recyclable materials are used or old materials that can be used to make some other materials. they are called recyclable materials because they can be recycled. They are capable of being used to make similar products. For instance, office papers can be used to make toilet paper. Hence, we can say office papers are recyclables.

Anything that can serve as the source to make other things is called recyclable material. The materials that can be recycled are glass, aluminum, plastic water bottles, metal scrap, different kinds of paper, electronics –computers, cellular phones, keyboards, batteries and other small electronic equipment, textile, wood, wire, cables, plastic product, rubber, etc.

For most of it, the things we use at home are recyclables materials. But, at the same time, not all things at home can be considered recyclable materials.

Nonetheless, there might be times when what we consider recyclable materials would not be fit for recycling. For instance, if they are soiled with paints, chemicals, or oil. This is particularly the case for papers. In this instance, though they are recyclables materials, they can’t be recycled.

On the other hand, nonrecyclables are the materials that you cannot put in the recycling materials. In simple terms, they cannot be made into other materials.

We will get to see the list of recyclable and non-recyclable materials soon. First, let’s consider the effect of recycling materials on the environment.

How Does Recycling Materials Help The Environment?

Recycling materials help the environment in many different ways. For recycling to have been well accepted among many people, it greatly benefits the users and the environment.

35 Common Materials That Can be Easily Recycled

1. Aluminum cans

Aluminum cans are used for preserving or canned food. As they are in great use now, so they occupy a great part of the waste. Aluminum cans are quite easy to recycle. Recyclers only have to squash it, then melt it and finally make it into other materials.

2. Backpacks

Backpacks are often in cotton material or other materials. They can also be recycled.

3. Batteries

Whether phone batteries or your gadget’s batteries, they can be recycled. But your vehicle batteries cannot be recycled. In any way, only specialized recyclers handle the recycling of your batteries.

4. Cardboards

Cardboards are paper materials. You can always recycle them once they have no soil on them.

5. Cellphone

Cellphones contain vital materials that you can recycle. You have plastic, metal, aluminum, etc.

6. Cereal boxes

Your cereal boxes are paper materials with more fibers; you can also recycle them

7. Clothes

8. Coffee papers

Coffee papers, after using them, can also be recycled. After washing thoroughly, they can be made into other things.

9. Cosmetics

You don’t have to worry about your cosmetics. You can always recycle them. All you have to do is put them in your recycling bin.

10. Crayons

This may sound unusual, but crayons are a nice fit for your recycling bin. Your local recycler would be glad they got it.

11. Electronics

In this world of technology where the gadgets are rapidly advancing and each new gadget has features different from the old ones, so people buy new gadget as soon as it appears in the market. The question arises: what to do with the old electronic?

Electronics have some toxic and explosive matter in them and they have to be disposed of properly. So rather than throwing them, we should get them recycled and let their explosive matter be removed. All electronics like televisions, monitors, printers, keyboards, scanners, cell phones, fax machines, etc. can be recycled.

Electronics is one of the major wastes in the country. But, you don’t have to worry too much, they can be recycled. Once you put them in the recycling bin, your problem is solved.

12. Glasses

Glasses that have not been specially treated to withstand high temperatures can easily be recycled.

13. Greeting cards

Greeting cards are paper material, so they are pretty easy to recycle. However, if your greeting cards are coated with a thin plastic lining, they are not fit for recycling.

14. Holiday lights

When the holidays are over, and the light has burned out, you can still find a purpose for them. You can always save the environment.

15. Juice pouches

Your juice pouches are also good recycling material. So, after gulping down your juice, don’t forget to toss the pouches in the recycling bin.

16. Junk mails

Those annoying emails you never asked for shouldn’t give you a headache. You can always recycle them without stress.

17. Keys

Keys are metal materials. and metal is a great recyclable material. So, toss that key in the recycling bin today.

18. Newspapers

Newspaper can be a headache most times. But, you shouldn’t all this be the case. You can always toss them in the recycling bin.

19. Office papers

After an average day at work, you will notice that you have tons of office papers. You can also recycle them.

20. Paperclips

Paperclips, as tiny as they may be, are recyclables. Don’t let the size discourage you; you can toss it in the recycling bin.

21. Plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are recyclable material; your recyclers love them.

22. Tin cans

Your tin cans are soft metal materials; they are fit for the recycling bin.

23. Tissue boxes

Tissue boxes are also a great fit for the recycling bin

24. Wine corks

After gulping down your wine, you can still make great use of the cork. You simply have to recycle it.

25. Wrapping papers

Wrapping paper doesn’t have to meet their end after the gifts have been opened. You can still put them up for recycling.

In Conclusion

There you have it. You know what are recyclable materials. From now on, we would expect you to start living that eco-friendly desired lifestyle

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